How to Tell if You Probably Need a New Roof?

One of the integral part of a home is probably the roof. If it gets compromised, then the ability of the home to withstand various elements can get compromised.

So, proper roof maintenance as well as increasing its life span, it is important that the various symptoms of a faulty roof needs be recognized. Further, necessary actions needs to be taken for the same.

Hence, it is important that you opt for a regular Dallas hail damage roof repair and replacement inspection for a good roofing contractor.

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So, today in this blog, we will look about how to tell if you probably need a new roof. Let us have a look:-
Roof Age: You need to find out what is the exact age of the roof. Most of the experts have a say that a typical roof lasts for about 25 years.

It also depends on a number of factors such as if it is properly ventilated and if it has more than one layer of shingle.

Granules of Shingles Present in Gutter: You need to check if the shingles granules are present in the gutter. Roofs have the tendency of losing a lot granules when they are at the verge of their life cycle.

Besides this, dark and inconsistent colour in some parts of the roof is also another indication that the granules have worn away. Also Read: How to Clean Outside of Gutters on Your Own

Daylight Peeping out from the Roof Boards: If you notice trampoline bounce while you walk through the roof, then it would be an indication that the decking has weakened due to moisture.

Also, you need to check the attic to notice if any daylight is coming up from the roof boards. Lastly, moisture present in the insulation needs to checked.

Buckling & Curling Shingles: Shingles that are buckling or curled are another sign that probably denotes that you need a new roof. To start off, the slopes of your property needs to be looked and just in case you find that the singles are curling and buckling, then it indicates that shingles have passed their life expectancy.

In addition, another possibility would be that the roof might be defective. Hence, it is recommended that you get in touch with a roofing contractor who would help you out in getting your insurance claim.

Roof Valleys: If you find that roof shingles are missing or falling apart in the particular area, then it would be a sign that you probably would need a new roof.

Valleys are considered to be one of the important areas when it comes to the roof. Both rain as well as snow flows through the valleys and then gradually into the gutters. You should keep in mind that if the valley is compromised, then roof leaks can occur.

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