What are the causes of Streaking on Siding & Roofing?

You might be out in your yard and you suddenly notice that there is streaking on your siding and roof.

Stains and streaks can occur due to a number of reasons such as dirt, mold, and mildew.

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So, today in this blog, we would be discussing the causes of streaking on siding & Roofing and how to deal with it effectively.

The reason behind Siding & Roofing Streaks

Vinyl & Fibre cement house siding are resilient, durable and versatile building materials but they at times come up with signs of straining as the time goes by.

Straining can occur on siding and roofing due to a number of reasons such as build up of grime and dirt, mold, spider rust, insect droppings etc.

Besides this, Siding can also be discoloured due to herbicides, insecticides, caulking, paint, oil and tar.

What are the different types of strains?

By little observation and research, straining can be easily pinpointed.

Brown streaks can occur due to rusty nails that is used during the construction of your home.

Just in case the strains are red, then the reason behind it would be ice dam that might have occurred during the winter.

On the other hand, dark green or Black strains are caused by mold, algae or fungus due to lack of sunlight.

Besides this, if you notice yellow strain, then the reason behind it would be insulation breaking from underneath the siding.

Lastly, water strains are similar to the color of the roof and they typically occur due to various problems present in the gutter system. Hence, it is important that you inspect it for blockages & clogs.

How the streak marks can be cleaned?

The streak marks that is present in the roofing and siding can be easily cleaned and it can perhaps look brand new.

The best thing that you can do is perhaps hire a roofing professional who would help you out in cleaning the streak marks through pressure washing.

The above method would be applicable in all types of siding.

Furthermore, if you want to clean the algae and mold from the roof, then make use of a garden hose through which you can spray a mixture of bleach and warm water.

Also, if power washing is needed, then it is recommended that you hire a professional to do so. The reason is that if you attempt, then you may damage the shingles.

Moreover, if you want to preserve the integrity of siding and roofing, then it is important that you go through routine maintenance and cleaning.

Lastly, if you notice any symptoms of streaking, then consult a professional right away.

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