What are the Things that can Happen due to Tornado’s Effect And its Solutions?

Tornado damage

What are the Things that can Happen due to Tornado’s Effect And its Solutions

Tornados are known to be quite devastating and it can certainly destroy anything that comes into its path. In addition, it can cause significant damage to your roof.

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So, let us have a look at the most common way a tornado can damage your property and it solutions.

  • Damaged Roof:- As mentioned above, tornados are quite powerful and thus they can even lift the roof from the properties. This basically happens through high external force combined with low pressure that is build up inside the property.

The best solution to the above problem is to attach the roof a lot more securely to your property. Besides this, you can even strap the roofs to the walls and foundation.

  • Shattered sliding doors and windows:- The pressure difference between the outside and inside of a home during a tornado can cause the sliding doors and windows to shatter. The fact is that he glass can’t resist the force that is put into it.

The best bet is to close the impact-resistant shutters on the outside of your doors and windows once the warning of tornado is issued. In this way, you can prevent the windows and doors from shattering.

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  • Broken Garage Door:- Garage door are quite lightweight and relatively large in size and thus they are quite vulnerable when the tornado hits.

So, it is best to prepare for the situation in prior before the tornado hits.

  • Damaged Siding:- Flying debris, strong winds and hail can cause significant damage to the siding.

Additionally, paint can discolor or chip, vinyl siding can dent or crack, stucco can get holes.

Besides this, in some extreme cases, tornadoes can hurl a wide range of objects such as telephone poles, mail boxes, cars right into your home.

You cannot prevent the most extreme damage of tornado on the siding, but milder harm can be easily be mitigated.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to remove the dead branches and trees that may become projectiles in windy conditions.

Further, repair and inspect loose gutters, siding, brickwork and any other building components such that they are secure.

Final Takeaway

Just in case a tornado warning is issued in your area, then you should settle down in the basement or tornado shelter as soon as possible. The foremost duty you should have us to preserve the lives of your family members rather than your house.

Besides this, just in case you need any services after a natural disaster, then do get in touch with us through call or email. We would be more than happy to restore your home as well as help to bring your life on track.

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