5 Ways Heat Affects Your Roof

Summer times are fun, but they can cause worse problems for your roof than those you experience during winter. It’s advisable to repair your roof before things get damaged. Here is how summer heat affects your roof.

5 Ways Heat Affects Your Roof

1. Ultraviolet light

UV light can cause damage to carpet, cars, furniture, and even your skin. UV rays will make your roof age quickly. Sunlight strikes your roof which constantly damages it. Your asphalt shingles will begin to buckle, split and wilt.  Protect your roof by blocking sun rays with shading. You can hire contractors to install polyurethane foam on your roof. 

2. High temperatures

If there is nothing to provide shade, your roof will get damaged due to extreme sunlight. Dark materials absorb heat, which leads to high temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. With such high temperatures, your roof can break down easily since chemical processes are accelerated. A proper ventilation system will help prevent extreme heat from causing damage to your roof.

3. Thermal shock

Thermal shock is when your roof reaches high temperatures and cools down when the sun goes down. It makes your roofing materials contract and expands, which weakens them over time. Metal roofing which is subjected to thermal shock begins to create gaps and warp.

4. Summer storms

The summer thunderstorms lead to extreme wind, which leads to damage to your roof. Your metal roof becomes dented, and the tiles become loose. That is why you should always inspect your roof after a storm. 

5. Fades roof color

If your shingles have started to fade, it could be due to the powerful UV rays. The discoloration can affect how your roof performs its job. The color of your roofing materials keeps harmful rays from damaging the roof surface.

You can prevent small problems in your roof from becoming bigger by doing regular roof inspections. Even though you cannot keep the sun from hitting your roof, you can take preventive measures to reduce the effects. If you need help fixing your roof, the DFW Roofing Pro can help. Contact us today.

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