3 Alarming Signs of Commercial Skylight Hail Damage

Living in Texas, you’ve probably experienced severe weather and know the damage hail storms can do to a roof. Skylights can be a great light source and create a stunning accent for your commercial property. Commercial skylights in Dallas, TX, are vulnerable to hail damage, and after a storm, a specialist should inspect your roof to spot any damage. However, after the weather has stabilized, you can go outside and look for signs of hail damage on your skylight. These damage signs can be the initial step to filing an insurance claim. The following are alarming signs to spot on your skylight for commercial hail damage.

3 Alarming Signs of Commercial Skylight Hail Damage


Commercial skylights are part of your roof, but can’t endure a storm for long. After a storm, skylights may incur cracks visible from the ground, and once you spot this hail damage, get in touch with a reputable roofing company in Dallas, TX. 


Severe conditions in Texas, such as hail storms, can cause leaks on a commercial skylight. A skylight is a transparent version of a roof, and water can pass through when hail damage causes cracks. If you notice rain penetrating your business premises through the skylight, it is commercial skylight hail damage. Cracks require urgent repair from a professional to prevent them from enlarging, covering the whole skylight. 


Leaking and cracked skylights allow moisture to seep through and penetrate dirt, causing a murky appearance or general discoloration. Discoloration on commercial skylights requires quick action to prevent further damage. Damaged skylights may cause inefficiency if not repaired, as light penetrates partially.


Hail damage on skylights may be hard to spot from the ground or with an untrained eye. Commercial property owners should not climb onto their skylights to look for signs of hail damage. DFW Roofing Pro will inspect your commercial skylight and provide a free estimate of the total cost of reinstalling a hail-damaged skylight. We can also handle a complete scope of all insurance claims. Contact us for a free roof quote. 

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