How to Avoid 5 Common Roofing Problems?

5 common roofing problems

Keeping your house roof in top condition is not an easy task. However, by paying attention to a few little things, you reduce the risk of damages.

Here are the 5 common roofing problems and ways to deal with them:

1. Poorly Installed Roofing :- Leakage is one issue that your roofing can bump into if it is poorly installed and not maintained properly. If you are lucky you can escape with little damage otherwise its consequences are severe.

Solution – Only hire the professional and experienced roofers. The installation need to be done as meticulously as possible while making sure that roof’s quality should last for a longer time.

2. Moisture Damage :- From rainfall to snowfall to hail, all such weather phenomenon can be the reason for moisture damage. With this, water starts leaking and impinges on the roofing structure and affects its soundness.

Solution – Make your roofing structure in such a way that snow or water doesn’t stay on it and also one should get it inspected every year. Trim away the vegetation around your house so that no branches are overhanging the roof.

3. Pooling Water :- Due to poor drainage system, water puddles makes their way on your roof. This raises the threat of water damage to the roof.

Solution – One should have a proper drainage system, which should be installed at the time of roof installation.

4. Punctures :- It is a result of animal traffic and regular foot on the roof. Higher the pressure exerted on the roof, the greater the number of punctures on it.

Solution – Avoid foot on the roof at the time of installation and maintain it properly afterwards.

5. Unwanted Vegetation :- Moss and algae can cause mess on an inappropriately sheltered roof. These plants can lead to shingle deterioration and buckling.

Solution – An algae resistant shingle can be a good choice. During roof installation, one can also ask contractor to install zinc strips at the peak of your roof because zinc is a natural enemy of moss and algae.

No Need to pay extra money for repair works, replacement materials and labour charges. Just find professionals to do the job for you. Better be safe than sorry!

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